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iStabilizer TabArm for iPad, iPad mini, and other tablets

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Product Description

iStabilizer TabArm for iPad, iPad mini, and other tablets

The iStabilizer tabArm is an articulating arm that can attach to virtually any ledge in your office, kitchen, bedroom, desk, table, car headrest or anywhere you use your tablet, allowing you to enjoy your iPad, iPad mini, or other tablet device hands-free in ways you never imagined. Use it at home in the kitchen to follow a recipe. At work, you can keep an eye on your calendar or for video chats. Attach your tablet to a mic stand or tripod to use as a monitor or prompter. The possibilities are endless!

The single point locking mechanism makes it easy to quickly adjust the arm to any position you need!

The tabARM comes with the tabMount, Clamp, Hot Shoe Adapter, and 11" stainless steel Articulating Arm. The iStabilizer tabARM will even cradle your device while in your preferred case*.

  • Friction Articulating Arm for iPad, iPad mini, and other tablets.
  • 11" Stainless Steel Articulating Arm
  • Single-Point Locking Mechanism
  • 1/4"-20 & Shoe Mounts
  • Supports 8.8 lbs.


  1. Will this hold an iPad and iPad mini? Yes, it holds both devices. The included tabMount will hold the iPad from side to side and the iPad mini from top to bottom. The Arm can hold up to 8.8 lbs.
  2. Does this come with a tripod? No, the tabARM comes with the Clamp, a Hot Shoe Adapter, Articulating Arm, and tabMount. If you want the flexible leg tripod for this, see the tabFlex. This will work with any standard tripod that uses the 1/4" thread.
  3. Will this hold a Kindle, Nexus, etc...? It will hold any tablet up to 8.25" (209mm) wide or tall. If your tablet is taller than 8.25", or wider than 8.25", it will not fit. Please note: if the camera on your tablet is right in the middle, it may be blocked when using this product.

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Product Videos

iStabilizer tabArm (02:18)
We're pleased to introduce the world's first friction articulating arm designed specifically for the tablets like the iPad and iPad mini. The tabArm includes an 11" stainless steel arm, stainless steel clamp, hot shoe adapter, and the tabMount adapter for 8 and 11 inch tablets. With the tabArm you can attach your tablet to a tripod, table, desk, car headrest, or virtually any other surface you can think of. You can get more information about this product on by visiting: http://www.istabilizer.com/products/istabilizer-tabarm
  • iStabilizer ta...
    We're pleased to introduce the world's first friction articula...

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