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LifeProof Fre Case for iPad Air - Black/Black

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Product Description

LifeProof Fre Case suits iPad Air - Black/Black


Device Compatibility:

iPad Air

  • The thinnest, lightest all-protective iPad Air case ever made
  • Completely submersible to 6.6 feet
  • Survives drops from 4 feet
  • Totally sealed from dirt, dust, snow and ice
  • Full screen protection and functionality
  • Complete access to buttons, ports and headphone jack
  • Maximum sound volume and clarity
  • Anti-reflective coated optical-glass camera lens
  • Works with an array of custom iPad Air accessories

Your frē for iPad Air is backed by a 1-year warranty

frē for iPad Air is heavy-duty protection for your lighter-than-air tablet. Featuring LifeProof’s four-proof protection, frē shields Air from drops, dirt and complete submersion. And the smart design allows total tablet functionality. From classroom to boardroom, jobsite to campsite, with frē for iPad Air, the sky’s the limit. Or is it?

Designed to work with every feature, function and control — just as Apple designed — frē melds seamlessly with your iPad Air. And, this waterproof tablet case is so unbelievably slim and light, you think it’s barely there — until you’re glad it is.

The thinnest and lightest waterproof iPad Air case ever made, LifeProof frē protects your tablet from day-to-day dangers without adding unnecessary bulk. And it’s about more than protection — frē equips you and your iPad Air to do more, in more ways and places than ever before.


LifeProof for iPad Air

An 'Air' of Confidence

Meet the most advanced, most functional all-protective case ever created. LifeProof for iPad Air features a sleek profile, optical-glass lens, dynamic speaker port, full control and LifeProof’s four-proof protection. What more could you want in a case?

LifeProof for iPad Air

Lighter than Air

Lighter than Air

Less case. More iPad Air.

iPad Air is so slim and sleek, it would be a shame to add unnecessary bulk. So we did the opposite. The thin profile hugs Air’s precision lines. The clear back shows off its celebrated logo. And, the smart design gives full access to every feature, function and control.


Camera. Speakers.

See. Hear. Believe.

iPad Air is meant to see and be heard. And we want to keep it that way. Our CrystalClear camera lens peeps through anti-reflective optical glass. Our Sound Enhancement System rocks the full sound spectrum. And, the easy-access headphone jack lets you crank the volume without making the neighbors cranky.

Camera. Speakers.

Take Flight

iPad Air is protected, connected and ready to fly

LifeProof handles the spills, splashes, dunks, drops, action and accidents that come your way. And, when your iPad Air is as ready for life as you are, you can live and share every adventure without worry.

LifeProof Quality - Every Case Water Tested
Every Single Case Water Tested

To give you the confidence to use your iPad Air everyday, everywhere for everything, we water test every case we make. Then, they go to an independent agency for more testing, including a second water test on randomly selected cases. Only cases that pass are shipped. At LifeProof, we use our cases everyday for everything, and if we trust ‘em, you can too!

The 'Lifeproof' warranty is not extended to personal and other electronic devices due to the mis-use, improper application and care of your Lifeproof case. LifeProof cannot be held liable for damages to personal property due to misuse or improper installation, or improper care and maintenance of case and o-ring or gasket seals. LifeProof warranty does not, under any circumstance, cover the replacement or cost of any electronic device or personal property inside or outside of the case.





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