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Lifeproof iPhone Case

Lifeproof cases fre, nuud and fre power available now at syntricate


LifeProof FRE - Goes on your gutsiest adventures

It's equipped with a built-in scratch protector that seals away your display to survive the dirtiest, roughest, grittiest terrain. FRE seals up your device without closing out access. Every button, port and control remains active and easy-to-use, including fingerprint scanners and health monitors. There's no difference using your phone or tablet inside FRE except where you can use it.

360 degree coverage. 365 freedom
When the action heats up, FRE hangs tough. The integrated scratch protector deflects damage, yet it's so imperceptible that you barely notice it's there until you're glad it is.

Surprisingly slim

FRE proves you don't have to bulk up to go free. This compact case adds only a few millimeters and ounces to your device, preserving the natural interaction.

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Nuud cases available at syntricate

LifeProof NuuD - Tears down all barriers

WaterProof and DropProof with screenless technology, Nuud goes everywhere and keeps you in touch all along the way. NuuD keeps every port, button and feature in play, including fingerprint scanners and health sensors. Plus, the AR-coated glass lens and Sound Enhancement System deliver vibrant shots and rich sounds.

Never bulky, NuuD adds mere millimeters and a handful of grams to the overall size and weight of your device. So, it feels natural in your hand when you venture into nature.


With NuuD, nothing stands in your way - not even a screen cover. The screenless technology forms a tight seal around your touchscreen. Water and dirt stay out, and your fingers stay right in contact with the display. Going Nuud is all about not covering up. So along with opening the touchscreen to direct touch, the clear case back opens your devices colors, curves and lines for all to see.

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Lifeproof Nuud and Fre Comparison

Fre Power


FRE Power refuels your phone for 2x battery life when you're miles away from a power outlet. WaterProof, DropProof and battery-equipped, it braves the wilds and re energizes your device to extend every adventure. FRE Power is armed with a 2,600-mAh battery pack. When you're running on empty, just hit the power button to refuel. And once your device hits 100%, FRE Power automatically stops charging to preserve its energy for later.

To keep your display in pixel-perfect condition, FRE Power features a built-in screen cover. Virtually invisible to the eye and touch, it guards against scratches without getting in the way.


The anti-reflective camera lens turns your device into an action cam, so you can document your deeds in extreme conditions. And the Sound Enhancement System delivers rich tone when you're rocking tunes.

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LIFEACTIV Accessories

lifeproof accessories available at syntricate

LIFEACTIV accessories let you use your device in exciting new ways and places

Available from armband, lifejacket and mounting cradle. Lifeproof accessories is essential product for your daily life and activity.

Where will you Go

Keeps you connected while you run, walk, train, swim and live. Find your stride with an inspired soundtrack. Track your goals with fitness apps. Follow your route with GPS. Your apps are always in reach.

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Why Lifeproof?

water tested

Every Case Water Tested

All cases are factory water tested. Then random units undergo additional inspection, including a 2nd water test. Cases that pass are shipped. Cases that fail are scrapped.

You can be certain your new LifeProof case is leak free. We made sure of it!

millitary standard

Military Standard

The U.S. Military Standard for drop and shock protection. It requires that your LifeProof case physically withstand the drops, fumbles, vibrations and bumps you encounter day to day.

Your new LifeProof case prevents the number-one cause of device damage.

IP-68 water test

IP-68 Ingress Protection

The international standard for Ingress Protection (IP). 6 and 8 are the highest ratings for solids and liquids. IP-68 rated cases withstand circulating talc for 8 hours and water immersion to 2m for 1 hr.

No doubt about it. Your new LifeProof case keeps water, dirt, dust and snow out.

1 year warranty

1-Year warranty

LifeProof products are covered by a 1-year limited warranty.

See Policies and Warranties page for details regarding the Limited Warranty.

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