Belkin USB-C 27 Watt/3 Amp Car Charger + USB-C Cable

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  • The USB-C Car Charger + Cable makes it easy to charge your USB-C Galaxy Note 7, smartphone or tablet in your car. 
  • The 4-foot USB-C to C cable and robust charger offer up to 27W output for charging that's up to 70% faster than standard 5W.
  • The 27Watt/3 Amp charger connects to any USB-C device through the cable. A USB-PD chipset within the charger automatically detects the connected device to allow and deliver optimal charging up to 27 Watts.
  • The sturdy, 4-foot USB-C cable allows you to connect and optimally charge any USB-C device quickly and easily on the road.
  • USB-PD chipset:
  • Charges Ultrabooks up to 27W/3A
  • Charges smartphones/tablets up to 70% faster*
  • Universal: Any USB-C device
  • Compatibility chipset supports most brands
  • USB Type-C port
  • LED Indicator
  • USB C-to-C
  • 4ft. cable
  • Charge/sync capability (supports USB 2.0 data transfer)
  • Polycarbonate Overmold
  • COMPATIBLE WITH GALAXY NOTE 7 & ALL USB-C Tablets & USB-C Smartphones, Ultrabooks Mac OS, Chrome OS ,Android and others


Belkin USB-C 27 Watt/3 Amp Car Charger + USB-C Cable | With Free express shipping Australia Wide

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