Griffin Premium Braided USB to Lightning Cable 1.5 meter -Grey

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  • Lightning charge cable with an easy-to-connect reversible USB plug
  • Engineered for long life, aircraft-grade aluminum connector housing prevent cable failure due to wear and stress.
  • Non-kinking wear-resistant braided cable jacketing is color-matched to current iPhone, iPad and iPod touch colors.
  • Griffin’s premium cables use a quick-connecting reversible USB plug that plugs into ANY USB-A port. No matter how you hold it, it’s the easier-to-plug-in USB connector.
  • 5 ft. (1.5 m) long
  • Materials: Braided nylon, aluminum connector housings
  • In The Box: Premium Charge/Sync Cable


Griffin Premium Braided USB to Lightning Cable 1.5 meter -Grey | With Free express shipping Australia Wide

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