iBike bike Case & Bar mount for iPhone SE/5s/5/4s

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Smaller, Sleeker, Lighter
While the new iPhone  has a larger screen and is taller than earlier-generation iPhones, the new iBike Phone Booth case is shorter, sleeker, and lighter than the original iBike Phone Booth case! Your iPhone  works great on your bike, and with the iBike it will look great too!

Extreme Protection
The Phone Booth improves both the water resistance and shock absorption of the original casing. A cushioning “sled” holds your iPhone  safely and securely in the case. Its creative design allows you to remove your iPhone 5 quickly and conveniently from the case whenever you wish.

The water sealing system has been improved, too. The iBike Click-LatchTM system provides audibleassurance that your iPhone is safely sealed inside the protective case.

New Dual Mount adds flexibility
The Phone Booth5 comes with a new Dual Mount. The Dual Mount lets you mount your Phone Booth either on your bike handlebars or your bike stem —whichever is most convenient for you.

The Dual Mount retains the iBike’s exclusive metal bracket and bolt attachment system, so you won’t have to worry about your Phone Booth case falling off of your bike!

Portrait OR Landscape setup: Your choice!
You can set up your Phone Booth so that your case and iPhone will be oriented in traditional “portrait” mode or, just as easily, set up it up so that it sits horizontally on your bike in landscape (dashboard-like) view.

Enjoy Full Functionality of your iPhone
The Phone Booth  allows you full control of your iPhone  touch screen, and full use of all of your apps!

The iBike Phone Booth case & mount for iPhone  is ready for the roads and the unexpected challenges that come with them, providing best-in-class durability and reliability, delivering the protection your new iPhone  deserves.

Compatible with iPhone 5/5s/SE & iPhone 4/4s

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