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Can’t be at peace? Worried of your little one who’s all alone in his room without anyone to comfort him? Working moms and dads can now be at ease with iBaby Baby Monitor. This innovative product does not only allow you to see what your baby is up to – it does so much more than that!

iBaby allows for two way audio. You not only get to see and hear what your baby is doing – you get to respond to it too! Talk to your baby and comfort him while asleep, awake and during idle moments. Each burp, each babble and each cry of delight or discomfort will never escape mom’s and dad’s ears even if they’re away. Looking for a different angle or view? Simply pan your screen and adjust the camera’s view to capture what baby is doing. You can even take snapshots – making capturing every precious baby moment possible.

iBaby also allows for up to four users to simultaneously monitor your baby. Friends and distant relatives will never again be deprived of the joys your little one brings with every smile and every developmental milestone. 

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