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  • iHealth Air PO3 Wireless Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter Finger

  • iHealth ALIGN Glucose Monitor & Test Strips Bundle

  • iHealth Ease Wireless Blood Pressure Arm Monitor

  • iHealth Feel BP5 Wireless Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor

  • iHealth View BP7s Wireless Bluetooth Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor

  • iHealth Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System

  • iHealth Blood Glucose Meters Test Strips - 50 Strips


The health buff in you will be more than thrilled with these products that are specially designed and crafted to take health monitors to a higher level.

Weighing scales have gone far from simply providing your weight. Now you can measure, save, monitor and even share your weight to exercise and fitness buddies and even to friends and family wirelessly. You can now provide your doctor and nutritionist a more comprehensive and even a graphic representation of your weight changes!

Check your blood pressure anywhere and anytime! Share your results with family members and friends. In doubt with the health results you got? Compare your health results with World Health Organization classifications as well as other historical averages. Provide your doctor accurate systolic and diastolic numbers, heart rates and pulse waves with just one click of a button. Saving, monitoring and sharing health results have never been as easy as this!

Spot check blood oxygen saturation and your pulse rate with a lightweight non invasive device that does all that with your fingertips! Save the readings and organize your health records with just a click of a button. Share your results to your coach, doctor and nutritionist and watch them be amazed at how easy health monitoring can get.

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