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Lifeproof Case

water tested

Every Case Water Tested

All cases are factory water tested. Then random units undergo additional inspection, including a 2nd water test.

millitary standard drop proof

Military Standard

The U.S. Military Standard for drop and shock protection. It requires that your LifeProof case physically withstand the drops, fumbles, vibrations and bumps you encounter day to day.

IP-68 US standard

IP-68 Ingress Protection

The international standard for Ingress Protection (IP). 6 and 8 are the highest ratings for solids and liquids. IP-68 rated cases withstand circulating talc for 8 hours and water immersion to 2m for 1 hr.


Fre, Nuud and Fre power is the ultimate protection against shocks, bumps, drops and even water for your iPhone, iPad and Samsung device with 1 year warranty. Buy with confidence at Syntricate, guarantee authentic product and free shipping Australia wide.

Lifeproof is the most trusted waterproof case for iphone and samsung worldwide. Read below article for more info and product comparison.

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