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Bluetooth Car Kits

  • Plantronics K100 Dual Mic Speakerphone Bluetooth Car kit

For those who are constantly on the road, Syntricate presents its collection of Bluetooth car kits that provide a safer driving environment for drivers.

Don’t know what Bluetooth car kits are? These kits allow drivers to take and make phone calls directly from their mobile line through a Bluetooth headset or earpiece without having to hold their phone up to the ear, which allows for two free hands to drive in a safer manner.

A single Bluetooth car kit can support more than one mobile device at the same time, depending on the specifications of each model, however nowadays most kits support at least two phones.

If you’re the owner of an iPhone, an iPhone car kit comes with everything you will need to drive safely and without the dangers of distractions while you drive. With safety on your side, you can relax on your drives and drive more comfortably.

Try a new car kit from us at Syntricate, we carry only reliable brands that provide products of high quality to its users. We ship every order the day after the placement of the order and offer complimentary free shipping on all orders over $99!

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