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Chargers - Wall Chargers

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  • LG Wireless Charger WCD-100

    $69.95 $54.95
  • Belkin AC Universal Wall Charger with Micro USB Cable

  • Belkin BOOST UP 2-Port USB Swivel Charger + AC Outlet (12 W/2.4 amps)

  • Belkin BoostUp 12 Watt/2.4 Amp AC Wall charger with Lightning Cable - White

  • Belkin Dual Wall Charger with Lightning to USB Cable (10 Watt/2.1 Amp)

  • Belkin Metallic Home Wall USB Charger 2.4Amps  - Gold

  • Belkin Metallic Home Wall USB Charger 2.4Amps  - Rose Gold

  • Belkin Metallic Home Wall USB Charger 2.4Amps  - Space Grey

  • Belkin Surge Plus 2 Outlet USB 2.4Amp/12W Travel Charger

  • Belkin Surge Plus 2.4 Amp USB Charging 6-outlet 2 meter Cord Strip

  • Belkin SurgeCube 1 Outlet Surge Protector with 2 USB Ports (2.4A)

  • Belkin Universal Home Charger with Micro USB ChargeSync Cable (10 Watt/ 2.1 Amp)

  • Belkin USB-C to USB-A Cable with Universal Wall Charger (2.1 Amp/10 Watts)

  • Gear4 Wall Charger with Lightning USB

  • Griffin PowerBlock 2.1 Amp Wall Charger + Lightning Cable

  • Incipio Dual USB Desktop Charging Station  - Gold

  • Incipio Dual USB Desktop Charging Station  - Silver

  • Incipio Ghost 120 Qi Wireless Charging Base Single Coil with 2.4A USB Port

  • PowerPill Rapid Charge - HiSpeed USB Charger

  • Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand for all QI-Enabled Devices -Black

  • Samsung Micro USB 9V Fast Charge Travel Charger - White

  • Twelve South PlugBug World Travel Charger

  • Belkin BOOST UP Qi Wireless Charging Pad 15 Watts

  • Bluelounge Sanctuary4 4aMP Charging Station - Black

  • Bluelounge Sanctuary4 4aMP Charging Station - White

  • Kanex 3-Port USB 3.0 Hub Gigabit Ethernet & Charging Station

    $149.95 $69.95
  • Mophie Power Capsule External Battery Charger for Wireless headphones, fitness trackers & Wearables


Syntricate carries a huge variety of wall chargers, USB chargers, adaptors, travel chargers and more for all of your needs at home, while you travel abroad or as you’re on the go. No matter what your needs are, Syntricate has something for you!

If you are going abroad, we have affordable adaptors for Australia, Europe and the USA to help you keep your electronics charged and in use while you’re away on your travels. We have kits available specifically for Samsung and HTC mobile devices, which could make your life much easier!

Even if you are not planning on taking a trip abroad, it is a good idea to keep an international charger around for any last minute trip. Plus, we also carry a variety of wall chargers for use at home if your original chargers are no longer suitable for use.

Syntricate also carries a variety of spare batteries for mobile devices as USB chargers to charge your electronics through a wall plug rather than having to leave your laptop on just to charge your devices.
We offer free next day shipping on all orders, so you can receive your order in a timely manner – plus, we also offer complimentary free shipping on all orders over $99!

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