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Digital Imaging Camera

Our Liquid Image Ego Series cameras are not exactly a mobile phone camera, but it’s the best type of camera to have if you are into sports and capturing your sporty moments.

Mobile phone cameras are bulky to carry if you are doing sports, plus if your mobile slips from your grip, you are guaranteed to have a broken screen. That’s why the Liquid Image Ego series cameras are absolutely genius! They’re compact enough to carry with a closed fist and fashionable as they come in four different colours – black, white, red and blue.

This great camera also fits comfortably in small pockets and records video along with taking photographs with a much higher resolution than expected from these types of action cameras. Plus, as if the great quality wasn’t enough, it also has built-in WIFI transmission!

The great thing about mobile cameras is that they are great for all types of users – sports fanatics, athletes, journalists and even professionals can benefit from the use of these types of cameras.

Order your mobile phone cameras from Syntricate and have them shipped to your home tomorrow for a fast delivery. We offer free shipping on all orders over $99!

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