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FM Transmitters

  • Griffin iTrip Auto Universal Plus FM Transmitter Charger

Syntricate is proud to bring you a collection of FM transmitters that come in helpful with iPhones of all generations.

iPhone FM transmitters are a great way to enhance your iPhone; since iPhones are not built to capture FM radio signals, an FM transmitter for iPhone will allow you to receive FM signals on your phone. This is the perfect solution for those who rely constantly on listening to the radio for news or music.

FM transmitters receive great signal from most stations and can be plugged in to your phone and charged in your car with a car charger or at home with a USB – it’s that easy.

Prices for FM transmitters vary between $50 to $100, depending on the brand and type of equipment you are looking for. An FM transmitter can also replace the use of a broken sound system in the car, reducing the expense of a sound system.

With a piece of equipment such as this you will want to guarantee that you are satisfied; for that reason, Syntricate provides complimentary delivery for orders over $99 and next day shipping. We also guarantee 100% satisfaction of your product from Syntricate with our 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee!

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