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Memory and Storage Devices

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Syntricate has a selection of memory cards, SD cards and file storage devices to keep all of your files save and sound. With our memory and storage devices, you will be able to take your files anywhere with you in a tiny and compact device.

USB memory sticks, being the most popular memory and storage devices for documents, photographs and music, can now be found in a variety of fun models, varying from the simple memory stick style to intricate models of cartoon figurines that would go incognito as a USB memory stick.

Take your files on the go or store them in a safe place at home to keep a backup of your most important computer files in case of a computer failure or crash. Flash drives with a big storage capacity can be life savers to backup all of your computer files to prevent any loss of data.

Our memory cards and storage devices vary in brand, storage size and type of card or device. If you already have a card, take a look at our other sections, where you will be able to find card readers as well. Happy shopping to all of you!

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