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Power Bank

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There is not a single person who has not found themselves in a sticky situation because of a dead phone battery. So that you never find yourself in situations like that, Syntricate brings you nearly 50 different solutions to never have an empty battery again.

A power bank can be a true life saver if you do ever run out of battery. A power bank looks just a regular mobile phone case or cover, but they use a battery that can charge a full battery 1 time with the battery – so they really are just for life-saving situations as you’d have to change batteries often.

An iPhone battery pack or iPad battery pack could possibly be one of the best investments you could make for your mobile device. Although Apple products tend to have a long-lasting battery, if you put a lot of use into your device, there will be the times when you will have wished you had a batter pack or external battery.

Syntricate offers only great quality products at very affordable prices for everyone’s reach. With our 30 day satisfaction guarantee you are sure to receive a product that will meet all of your expectations and beyond.

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