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You thought we only offered mobile cases and covers? Wait until you see our collection of speakers from big brands that offer great quality sound and other cool features.

Syntricate offers the best prices and highest quality sound systems, including Bluetooth speakers to give you a hands-free experience listening to music directly from your mobile device from your speakers, without having to download or upload music.

Our very popular speakers are fresh, sleek and stylish, but above all, they possess a magnificent sound quality that is sharp and crisp. We have small, medium sized and large speakers that come in designs of the likes of little angry birds or in awesome colours, such as it is with our Sound Kick Chromatic wireless Bluetooth speaker.

We also carry outdoor sounds systems that boost sound so that your music does not get lost in the outdoors. Some other of our sounds systems include iPod and iPhone docks with speakers attached that produce a great sound while they charge your device.

Don’t forget that if your order is over $99, we offer complimentary free shipping and handling along with next day shipping on all orders at no extra cost!

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