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USB Cables

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We all need them for most devices – USB cables. Syntricate has a collection of USB cables to fit most devices, including HDMI cables, micro USB connectors and much more!

We have USB cables from brands like Samsung, HTC, Griffin DJ and more prominent brands in the electronics industry. Although the brand is important to make sure your device will be compatible with the USB cable, most cables are compatible with most devices as long as they have the same docks necessary.

USB cables can serve to transfer data, charge devices, or to stream images from your computer to another monitor or television screen. They are ideal for an infinity of uses, but you have to make sure you get the cable that serves the purpose that you are looking for.

For help and advice choosing the right USB cable, send us a message on our chat box and our next representative available will try to be as helpful as possible with your inquiries. If you don’t find a representative online, leave us a message on the chat box and one of our team members will contact you answering your inquiries by email as soon as possible.

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