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Waterproof Case

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Who hasn’t done the old rice trick trying to rescue an electronic after it has been damaged by water? To prevent the use of the rice experiment and any accidents with liquids, we have waterproof cases that could save the life of your device.

A waterproof case can save you hundreds of dollars by protecting your devices from water damage. Syntricate has a collection of waterproof cases, pouches and covers that cove in see-through, black, yellow, silver and other colours. So even if you are looking for protection for your device, you can still do it while rocking your favourite colour.

If you are looking for something you can use on a daily basis, a fitted waterproof case specifically built for the model of your mobile phone is the best answer. We have a wide selection of covers for many different models of phones, so all you have to do is select the products in the category of your mobile device to find the right case for you.

Don’t forget that Syntricate ships all orders the day after the placement of each order, so you will receive your products in a speedy and timely manner with 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

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