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For all sorts of HTC accessories browse through Syntricate.com, where you will find the latest gadgets and accessories for the most popular HTC models.

Within our huge stock of HTC accessories you will find an immense amount of cool, funky and useful HTC cases, covers and sleeves to protect your HTC mobile device from scratches and accidental drops and falls.
Take your HTC mobile device anywhere with peace of mind knowing that no matter what accidental drops your phone may have, it will be protected with a case or cover. To help you achieve that piece of mind, Syntricate brings you cases and covers in different styles, colours and materials to suit your style or professional needs.
All of the accessories sold by Syntricate are of the highest quality to ensure longevity of your accessory and device. Not only do we provide quality products, but our prices are very affordable at rates that won’t leave your pockets empty.

With every purchase at Syntricate, we offer free next day shipping on all orders and complimentary free deliver for all orders over $99 – and if you are not happy with the look or feel of your purchase, we give you 30 days to exchange it or return it.

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